Our human body is a marvelous piece of machinery that works continuously. Even when we sleep, the body is working to rejuvenate our cells,  processing nutrients to fortify the body for the new day and to rebuild the foundation where the body is dependent for growth and survival. But like all machines, the residue released is often toxic. Even body care products that we use everyday for external cleansing are toxic, leaving many substances that can be very harmful being absorbed by our blood stream through the skin. Environmental pollutants such as smoke, carbon emissions, carpets, chemicals in household detergents, pesticides in our food, chemical fertilizers, paints etc are all sources of toxicity.

Internally, toxins are formed during digestion when food is broken down into nutrients and waste. This waste is usually removed from the body, but there are always residual toxins that are absorbed into the lining of the intestines/colon/rectum. This waste then becomes a source of disease for our bodies. Externally, toxins are absorbed through our skin and go directly in our bloodstream (and then to your organs!) when we apply personal care and beauty products (cream, shampoo, shower gel, soap, perfumes…).

The chemicals contained therein cause a change in cellular biochemistry and accumulate in body that has a long term health risk. As there is no single region that is free from pollution, we can only control the environment to some extent. Living in today’s world is very difficult. There is pollution everywhere, the demands of a fast-paced modern lifestyle spawned by unhealthy fast food and preservative food/beverage. We cannot escape from the attack of chemicals such as pesticides that are used to fertilize the plants. Without realizing it, we consume products tainted with chemicals.

Detox is the  process of removing toxic substance. performing regular body cleanse and detox are a core principle of EGA beliefs on health and healing.

A detox is a process in which a person makes dietary and lifestyle changes to clear their bodily toxins. These lifestyle changes typically involve abstaining from certain food items, harmful things and optimizing body processes. Some changes are temporary, such as following a cleansing diet, others are permanent.

The entire body relies on this system to live a healthy life. Your body is detoxifying itself all the time, around the clock  24/7. Even your brain flushes out toxins while you sleep. It is essential to take care of these organs and allow them to do their job.

Our body has the power of healing itself if we take a good care of it. Most people feel healthy, but there are many toxins in their body which cannot be removed completely by natural detoxification through sweat, feces, urine and also breathing. It is important to cleanse our internal organs, because if the toxins that accumulate in our bodies are not immediately cleaned up, they will create health risks that could potentially lead to serious complications and even death.